What We Do

We strive for perfection at RJS + Associates in Old Lyme, CT. Our wide array of services can be customized to meet the needs of our clients. We offer the finest in foodservice design, project management, concept development, and more.

Construction Project Management and Administration

For more than 40 years, we have been providing our services to every part of the construction industry, particularly the foodservice and hospitality sector. By understanding your operational and business requirements and integrating them into the overall program, we consistently complete difficult projects on time and within budget.

Our project managers are hand-selected based on their superior communication and management skills. You can be sure that the manager handling your project will give it the attention that it requires to be completed successfully. In addition, our site managers and supervisors have maintained an impeccable safety record. They are responsible and can implement procedures that ensure the highest quality of service.

Foodservice and Back-of-House (BOH) System Design

We have a wealth of hands-on experience in designing and implementing both back-of-house and front-of-house systems. We understand that every facility is different, which is why we work closely with your team to come up with the ultimate front- or back-of-house solution.

Our back-of-house system design services cover:

Beverage Systems

Bulk Oil


Inventory Management Solutions


POS Systems

Solid Waste

Uniform Distribution


Revit Drawings

AutoCAD Drawings


Budget Management

Construction Drawings

Interior Design

Virtual Reality Experiences

3D Renderings

Brand Standards


Digital Content

Marketing and Branding

If you are interested in building a brand from the ground up, or you want a fresh and improved image for your existing locations, look no further than RJS + Associates. With our vast experience and strategic alliance partners, we can help make your brand a household name. Whether you have a single- or multi-location business, you can trust us to assist you in succeeding in today’s tough marketplace.

Some of our marketing and branding services are:

  • Brand Recognition Building
  • Consumer Research
  • Expert Menu Creation
  • Foodservice Design
  • Interactive Website Development
  • Monthly E-Marketing Services
  • Secret Shopper Services
  • Standards Development and Training

Concept and Menu Development

It takes more than an idea to operate a restaurant and make it successful. At RJS + Associates, we have the experience to identify what works and what doesn’t. We are also equipped with the skills to bring your idea from conception to a grand opening. You can trust our dedicated team of professionals to make your vision come to life and bring awareness to your brand.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including foodservice design, menu creation, merchandising, marketing, and training, to ensure your extended growth and success.

Since each of our clients is unique, it’s vital that we begin our relationship with a strategy meeting. This would allow us to clarify the decision agenda and identify the problems, opportunities, and most relevant issues of the project. As consultants to your company, we believe that it’s crucial for you to have an expert engagement that meets your specific management requirements. A strategy meeting saves both time and money as it narrows the focus to exactly what needs to be accomplished in our remaining developmental work.

Management Advisory Services

Management Advisory Services (MAS) is an integral part of the services that we offer. We present our clients with a new objective approach to problem-solving and planning. Designed to assist the management in developing and controlling operations, our management advisory services can span a broad range of business functions.

Our consultants can provide management and technical assistance, which include data analysis, financial and management information systems, financial analysis, and planning. With our combined business experience, we can implement our recommendations using the latest operational techniques.

We establish a close working relationship with our clients to ensure that a problem is seen through to its resolution. Through identification and analysis of management problems, we can increase the client's management effectiveness and profitability.

Procurement Strategies and Services

RJS + Associates has created new standards for procurement services for our clients. Through our RDE division and our decades of experience in working with domestic and international suppliers, we can provide procurement services that utilize the latest in sourcing and technology.

Some of our procurement services are:

  • Custom Cost Analysis
  • Custom Tailored Procurement Strategies
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Develop and Maintain Standards
  • Enterprise Inventory Management
  • Expert Vendor Selection

Master Planning

RJS + Associates can provide key inputs into master planning a facility where food and beverage operations must complement each other. Our plans and concepts are created to meet costs and performance expectations. With our years of industry experience in planning and development concepts, we can provide effective and creative market-driven designs. Our deliveries on these project objectives are very detailed and timely.

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